The TKE Nation Podcast

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E9 | Heather Green; Chapter Advisor

Episode Summary

It's March Madness, so you know Donnie and Alex are going to talk brackets. Also on the show this week is Heather Green. Heather is the Chapter Advisor for the Pi-Theta Chapter at the University of Texas-San Antonio. She is the Director of Annual Giving at UTSA and a board member, Chapter Advisor and Task Force Head of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. :03 March Madness 7:32 ....I Hope You Guys Like College Basketball... 14: 30 More March Madness 22:10 Rule of Three: Favorite College Campuses 25:40 Alex Is Taking Shots At You - Take It Personally 27:20 Where In The World is Zach Scott 28:00 No Basements in Florida 29:00 Scrooge McDuck 32:00 Fall Recruitment 38:45 Heather Green 42:00 The Chapter Advisor Experience 46:00 Small Business Correlation 51:20 Creating A Positive TKE Image 55:55 Don't Be That Dude 1:00:00 Is Greek Life For You? Maybe Not. 1:02:55 Calling In Not Calling Out 1:07:00 Yes, Women Can Be Advisors. (Really good ones, in fact.) 1:09:45 Closing Thoughts