The TKE Nation Podcast

S2: E5 | Ft. Tyler M. Salley; Black History Month

Episode Summary

Joining us for this episode is Frater Tyler M. Salley (Mu-Upsilon, Illinois State). Frater Salley is a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, and we discuss Black History Month and what the DEI committee is working on. Donnie and Alex also take some time to get real on what "good brotherhood" is all about. :20 Intro and Black History Month 8:00 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Training 9:25 Rule of Three 15:00 Brotherhood... Maybe Not What You Thought? 22:22 Value for Your Money 27:00 Where in the World is Zach Scott 32:00 Swenson ❤️'s LeBron James 33:12 Tyler M. Salley 40:15 Reflecting on Black History Month 57:00 Meet People Where They Are 1:00:00 Seek Out Information & Be Considerate 1:04:00 Closing Thoughts