The TKE Nation Podcast

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E11 | Ft. Edwin Robinson

Episode Summary

Donnie and Alex are talking with Frater Edwin Robinson (Theta-Nu, Southeastern Louisiana). Robinson is a heavily involved alumni volunteer currently serving as Grand Province Advisor for the Apollo Province (FL) and is the Commander of TKE Order of the Shield, which recognizes Fraters who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. He's also about to inject your day with some intense energy. So strap in. :30 First Up, Basketball! (You were surprised, weren't you? Bet you never saw it coming.) 5:40 Pat McAfee; More Successful Than Alex 9:30 Looking Back At The Year 11:44 Alex Is A Curmudgeon (Triggered by mowing grass.) 14:00 Rule of Three 21:50 Where In The World Is Zach Scott (Same place, less beard.) 33:20 Edwin Robinson Is Back! 36:00 Mental, Moral and Social Development 37:00 National Volunteer Month 40:00 Why He Does It 44:00 When Edwin Met Donnie (Comment if you're old enough to get the reference.) 45:50 Edwin Gets Real (Seriously, if you do nothing else, listen to these three minutes.) 53:00 Story Time 57:10 George Floyd 58:00 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee 1:01:45 What's Next? Personal and Volunteer Goals 1:08:40 Closing Thoughts 1:09:00 TKE Is Hiring (