The TKE Nation Podcast

S2: E3 | Ft. Bryan Keller; GameStop; Jason Galea; Pizza

Episode Summary

This week, where hear from two guests, and Zach Scott befriends a cow. Wealth management professional Bryan Keller talks about the Stock Market and GameStop, Jason Galea shares advice on business from the hard-hit restaurant industry and Donnie and Swenson talk Super Bowl - the teams, the players and the food! :20 - Welcome 1:32 - Bryan Keller/Wealth Management/GameStop 31:30 - Your Money Vehicle with Jed Collins 33:00 - Super Bowl 44:45 - Other Current Events 46:44 - The Rule of Three - Top Three Super Bowl Party Foods. 50:00 - Where in the World is Zach Scott - He's petting a cow. 56:39 - Jason Galea - The restaurant business and COVID-19. 58:00 - The family business is pizza. 1:00:00 - Finding a Way 1:04:00 - Adapt or Die 1:20:00 - Don't fear failure and stay hungry. 1:32:15 - Closing thoughts