The TKE Nation Podcast

S2: E12 | Ft. Barry Altland

Episode Summary

We are still celebrating National Volunteer Month this week on the podcast as we chat with Barry Altland (Xi-Iota, Central Florida). Barry is a consultant, speaker, presenter, author, facilitator and non-profit executive—In other words, he knows a thing or two about volunteering! Barry brings this experience to the table and we discuss the role of intrinsic motivation in volunteerism. Do you volunteer with any organizations? What motivates you to stay involved? Let us know on social media (@TKE_Fraternity) or send us an email at Interested in Barry's book? Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer by Barry Altland is available on Amazon or wherever you get your books. :15 Musicians Needed 2:45 Jelly Bean Thoughts (Share your opinions on social media - @TKE_Fraternity) 6:30 Masters Week (Safe to say Donnie is excited.) 22:10 Rule of Three - Favorite Candies (Almon Joy? Agree or disagree?) 24:21 Where in the World is Zach Scott (Father material?) 31:45 Barry Altland 33:50 Why He Is Involved As A TKE Volunteer? 45:30 The Reward of Volunteering With TKE 47:30 Adults vs. Collegiates 48:00 It's Not What You Say, It's What You Ask. 50:00 How To Learn Facilitation 55:00 Recruitment vs. Attraction (Just start talking so you can learn what they value.) 1:04 What's Your Calling? 1:07 Closing Thoughts